What is coaching? 

Coaching is a partnership in which you and your coach engage in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. A coach is committed to the outcomes that you want, holds you capable of achieving those outcomes and functions as a different observer of your behavior and actions. A coach is someone who has the ability to work with you in a way that opens up possibilities and choices that you are not always able to see.

How long does the coaching relationship last?

As your coach I will work with you to create a 3 or 6 month coaching plan depending on how regularly we meet. We will have weekly or fortnightly meetings to talk about the outcomes that you want for yourself and the actions and state of being that will allow you to get the results that you want. After the initial coaching period you will have the option to continue on a month to month basis. 

What happens during a coaching session? 

At every session you will choose a topic to be coached on. I will ask you curious questions, make reflections and observations and listen deeply to what you say. Together we will explore your patterns and beliefs. With my support you get to challenge yourself to step beyond your self limiting beliefs and declare to take new action that may bring you different results. I will support you in holding yourself accountable for taking these actions and if necessary we will take a non judgemental look at what got in the way if you did not get the outcome that you said you wanted. This is where the real learning happens! 


What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?

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