The Value of Coaching

When I practiced medicine I did not have a coach. If I had, I would have had someone in my corner who knew that I was capable of so much more than I believed during challenging times in my career. Someone who could take a stand for what I said I wanted when obstacles or adversity made me doubt that I wanted it after all. Someone to challenge my negative thoughts when they seemed so reasonable and convincing. Someone to show me that there were so many more options than just the few that I could see at any given crossroads in my career. Someone who could support me through interviews, new jobs, career advancement and indecision with life and career choices. Someone who would give me their undivided attention to make sure that I figured out what it was that I truly wanted and hold me accountable for taking action towards those outcomes, especially when it seemed daunting. Someone who could show me that taking courageous action towards what we want, changes what we believe is possible.