Yoga + Coaching?

This is a great place to add a tagline.

I was already a yoga teacher when I trained to become a coach. I was relieved and surprised that the two disciplines complement each other in many ways. I thought that to be a coach I had to stop being a yoga teacher or that I perhaps needed to separate the two and not have them mix, but I have now come to realise that both of these practices have helped me transform and continue to help me do so. 

Coaching encourages curiosity, non-judgment, deep listening, and awareness. This practice can be applied to ourselves and others. Through coaching, we get to explore the obstacles or challenges that get in the way of us getting our outcomes. It teaches us to recognize that the way we see things is just one world view, ours. In this way, we can begin to realise that our beliefs may not be the absolute truth or may not even serve us. When we realise this we can take actions that may challenge our beliefs and in that way, we can see different possibilities and get different outcomes. Through coaching, we get to explore what is important to us, what we value, and in this way we get to choose actions that align with our values. Living in alignment with our values brings more fulfillment and happiness than doing the opposite. 

Yoga is the yoking together of mind, body, and spirit in order to create awareness. The physical practice of yoga can often bring challenges because that is a place for us to work and pay attention. This is true for the postures or a meditation practice. The practice creates the opportunity for us to observe our physical body, sensation, breath, thoughts, and resistances that may come up. Yoga philosophy teaches us to get to know ourselves and to build emotional physical and spiritual tools to move through life and its challenges in a skillful way. It invites us to become truly curious, to accept the present moment, and to realise that we can never see the whole truth. Therefore it invites curiosity over certainty because there is always more than that which is immediately visible to us. The physical practice of yoga does bring physical benefits, you will get stronger and more flexible with a dedicated practice, but yoga also offers so much more. It invites us to explore our roles/purpose (our dharma) in this world and then to take action, to put our efforts behind that which we value. 

You don’t have to do yoga to benefit from coaching and you don’t have to get coaching if you do yoga. I just wanted to share with you why I embrace both as a part of who I am as a coach and teacher.