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My name is Suzi Kruger Aldwinckle and I am a certified professional coach, certified yoga teacher, mom, retired doctor and international citizen. 


I was born and raised in South Africa.  I have practiced medicine in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia. We moved to the United States fourteen years ago when I was pregnant with my first child and during this transition, I decided to immerse myself into my new career as a full time parent.

Just after I turned forty, I discovered yoga and fell in love with the healing nature of the practice and philosophy. This eventually led me to train and begin working as a yoga teacher in 2017.  I credit my mentor and teacher, Kate Saal, for my learning and experience.


Part of the reason I took the plunge was because of coaching. I realised that I could make the choice to move with intention in the direction of something else that I love doing and that I did not need to adhere to preconceived ideas of what my professional life should look like. 


In 2019, I trained and certified with McLaren Coaching’s Transformative Coaching Essentials program to become a professional coach, because coaching helped me to see new possibilities in my own life. 


These days, I get to create the space for others to realise their potential in  a non-judgemental, safe environment through the transformative power of coaching and yoga!


I work with doctors, entrepreneurs and leaders, because I understand what it takes to be in a profession, to do the  work of getting there and to hold the responsibilities that it requires. ​I know what it is like to start over, be it in a new country or a new career. I have overcome ingrained beliefs of what a career should look like and know what a difference it makes when we open ourselves to possibility.


I know what it means to create a meaningful life  for yourself informed by your purpose... and that this meaning can be found in more than one career.  I know that I am living my purpose by moving through the world in a way that inspires connection, kindness and transformation. I get to support my clients in taking care of themselves and creating the lives that they want for themselves.  


I work in Sacramento California where I live with my husband and  two children. I conduct my coaching business and teach online yoga from home. I also teach at Oneflow Yoga Studio in Sacramento. 

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