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Physicians today work in an ever more demanding environment, navigating safe and effective patient care, continuing medical education, the demands of a full inbox or call return requests, the burden of the EMR, impostor phenomenon, staffing shortages and more. Is it a wonder that their mental and emotional wellbeing is the first thing to suffer?

Through coaching you can get clear on what you have control over, what you can influence and what is beyond your control. You can get clear on your priorities in life and at work and find ways to manage your stress by learning skills that will support you in making intentional responses rather than reacting to situations that are beyond your immediate control. With coaching you can be that compassionate professional who embodies their values, sets clear boundaries, has a high level of awareness and is able to take sustained and committed action to progress toward all of their  goals.


You can get coached on just about anything. You may want to learn how to effectively manage the demands of your career and personal/family life. You may want to address a challenging work relationship or learn how to effectively communicate with your patients. You may be struggling to keep up with the demands of the EMR or your inbox and phone messages. Maybe you suffer from impostor phenomenon as so many in the medical field do.


Coaching will help you identify your strengths and the unique value that you bring to the table.  With the support of a coach you can create the life and career that brings you the most fulfillment, because you will be taking intentional action towards this outcome with a coach holding you accountable and supporting you every step of the way.

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