Why Yoga?

Yogi black woman practicing yoga lesson,

Yoga invites you to slow down and to engage your mind, body and spirit to create a greater awareness of yourself and how you move in the world. This can bring a clarity that may not always be accessible to you in your busy life.  When we move our bodies with intention, we are more able to still our minds.

It is a moving meditation where you can become present and grounded whilst moving and strengthening your body.  As you build strength and flexibility in your body, you may build resilience and adaptability in your life. 


Yoga invites you to accept the moment for what it is,  freeing you up to get curious and perhaps see yourself in a less judgemental way. This can be a very healing experience. Taking care of yourself in this way may allow you to be more present for the important people and situations in your life. Yoga postures are often seen as a metaphor for life's experiences and challenges. The way we approach our practice on the mat often reflects the way we approach most things in life. The strength, flexibility and skills that you cultivate can benefit you in more places than just on your mat.

I am a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). I trained in Vinyasa Style Yoga and Yoga philosophy with  Kate De Silva Saal at One Flow Yoga Studio in Sacramento, CA.  In my classes there is a focus on moving with awareness and  breath. I offer a challenging class and a safe space for you to connect to your body, your breath and your experience. I teach in person on Wednesday and Friday mornings at One Flow Yoga Studio in Sacramento, CA, and I offer live online classes via Zoom on  Tuesdays at 12pm and Thursdays at 7:30am.


Suzi connects with her students in a way that makes you feel seen. She offers challenging class while also supporting her students with variations and acceptance of where they are. Out of all of the yoga teacher's I've worked with, I have learned the most and progressed the farthest with Suzi.

 ~ Tim S

Suzi's yoga class is perfect! She has done something I did not think possible. She teaches yoga in an on-line venue, speaking the directions in a way that I can understand and follow. She pays very close attention to each participant no matter how many there are and is good at offering gentle direction. Her classes are the ideal blend between challenging and doable. Listening to the instructions, rather than following the physical demonstration, is surprisingly meditative. It is relaxing and mindful as you do have to listen closely. I totally recommend this class!

~ Cami M

CYoga Class Schedule: 

 New: Online Beginner Yoga Class 


I just launched a new beginner friendly yoga class on Tuesdays at 12pm. 

It is a 60 minute slow flow class live via zoom.


Suitable for students new to yoga and also more experienced students who would like a slower paced class in order to pay finer attention to refinement of postures.


Although this class is more accessible in terms of getting into and out of postures, it still provides you with enough challenge to develop strength and flexibility in your body.